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We are pleased to be able to offer a safe and secure space for XL bully owners to let their dogs enjoy muzzle free time. There are a few extra rules in addition to our general booking policy that will need to be adhered to. You will also need to fill in a registration form and provide your insurance/exemption certificates before use.

New customers will still need to book an induction walk as usual, but their dogs must remain in the car until the induction is over when they will be free to enjoy their walk.

XL Bully Specific Rules

  • Dogs must be microchipped, neutered and have third party insurance or an exemption certificate.

  • Household family members only.

  • 1 household member per XL in the field.

  • XL can come with its household dog family i.e. 2 x XL’s and 1 household dog of another breed equals 2 handlers.

  • XL's don't need to be muzzled in the field. Please only remove muzzle when the field gates are secured.

  • Lock the carpark gate padlock during your session and unlock when your XL is safely back in the car.

  • During your induction, XL must remain in the vehicle.

General booking policy information can be found here.​

Before you book

Before you make a booking, please can you complete the below form and email it to us at along with a copy of your insurance or exemption certificate.

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