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Message from the the owner, Gaynor Judge

I bought Rook Farm in 1999 as a bare field and had absolutely no idea that it would bring me so much joy (alongside the challenges!) over the years that followed. I have always loved animals, especially horses and dogs, so I originally set up and ran a livery and equine rehabilitation yard to offer traditional livery alongside a barefoot track style livery aimed at rehabilitation and providing a happy, natural environment for the horses to live in.

Due to the physically gruelling nature of the work that goes with horses (and 20 plus years of enduring it!), in 2019 I decided to turn my efforts into developing and creating a secure dog field to supplement the livery business which I was slowly reducing in size.

The Main Field opened towards the end of the year and I had no idea just how many dogs needed to use it! In response to the huge demand, only 18 months later the Training Field opened.

The farm has incredible views and the fact that both carers and their dogs can benefit from the facilities warms my heart. Since we have opened I have added lots of new obstacles to both fields adding enrichment for the dogs and in turns out their carers love them too!


I'm lucky enough to have the help from my middle daughter, Harriet, who does the marketing,  Jo (who some of you will have come into contact with when I am away) who deals with the website and tech issues, Justine who helps prep the fields and Jamie who builds activities and helps with the maintenance.  I am very grateful to have such a fantastic team around me, none of whom I could do without!

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